Heavy Rain Remedy

Dynamic gives permanent solutions for all problems caused by rains on buildings

Water Proof Building is our area of speciality

"Dampness can appear rapidly following a heavy downpour or it can appear slowly due to leaky guttering, damaged roof titles or lead flashing."

Remedy for all defects in buildings caused by heavy rains.

Dampnes wall in Chennai Rain water Affected Apartments in Chennai
  • Water proofing works
  • Replacing doors and windows
  • Arresting dampness
  • Increasing basement height
  • Replacing all affected building components
  • Plumbing and electrical works
  • Solutions for structral damages and defects in foundations
  • Rectifying sunken floors
  • Relaying compound wall and external paving

Damages to Property

The damage caused by dampness is more than just aesthetic. It can lead to the structural deterioration of plaster and brickwork, rotting of timber frames and the rusting of steel and iron fasteners. If it’s left untreated the damages can be costly to repair and due to the nature of the damages caused by damp

Effects of dampness in buildings:
  • corrosion of rebars (structural steel)
  • Causes rotting of wood.
  • Causes corrosion of metallic fixtures.
  • Deteriorate electric installations.
  • Deteriorate carpet & furniture’s.
  • Causes spots on the floors and walls.
  • Causes petting off and removal of plaster.
  • Causes bleaching and blistering of paints.
  • Causes effloresce.
  • Dangerous for the health of occupants.
  • Reduce the life of structures

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